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Love for all of Creation

A true son of the Pacific Northwest, Bruce brought a bottle of wine made in Washington state all the way to the South when the organization I work for hosted him and his wife Jeannie at a chimp sanctuary. We had suggested packing sneakers or trail shoes for the visit. Not surprisingly, Bruce instead wore...

Eve Tai

“Listen, really listen.”

Feb 2013 I received a phone call from Mr. Bruce. It was day one in my Store Mgr role at 362 and Mr. Bruce indicated that an upset customer called HQ. Mr. Bruce took the customer call in Seattle and was following up with me to share the customer contact info. When I told Mr....

Kathy Keegan

Celebrating Mr. Bruce and his Incredible Legacy!

United Way of King County remembers Bruce Nordstrom as a passionate and caring entrepreneur and former campaign chair whose life embodied the title of his autobiography, Leave It Better Than You Found It. Through his leadership, Bruce Nordstrom’s commitment to education has become a tradition that carries on with his entire family and the corporate...

Gordon A McHenry Jr & United Way King County

He was an extraordinary leader

The entire Nordstrom family is an inspiration to me–but as the patriarch over the past few decades Bruce Nordstrom cultivated and set the tone and the commitment to an unmatched culture at Nordstrom. I have never seen any other that measures up to the commitment to its staff, its customers and its communities. He was...

Never Met a Better Man

So many years of immeasurable mentorship, all passed down from “the family”. I could not have had better luck landing at a place to begin a career.

Rob Hatch - Manager ST319 (retired)

Mr. Bruce loved a good joke and a shoe stockroom.

In 2012 Mr. Bruce called me into his office. I thought I was in trouble. I sat down in front of his desk, and he said he had heard I was pregnant again (which would make 6 kids in total). He congratulated me and then asked me if I needed “the talk”. I couldn’t help...

Michele Love

Servant Leadership at its Finest

My three favorite memories: I started with the company in 1998, at store 1 and later that year became an assistant manager two weeks before Christmas. I was disappointed to learn I would be working Christmas Eve and have to miss a family gathering happening that day. In my head, I was bemoaning being the...

Marisa Pomeroy Cannon

Thank you Mr.Bruce

So many wonderful memories of Mr. Bruce at Store 1 and Nordstrom Top Seller events. He was always so kind and made everyone feel special no matter where you fell on the pyramid. Thank you for being an incredible leader. You will be missed tremendously!

Enchanté Greer

Mr. Bruce Leadership Traits

Mr. Bruce was one of the most inspirational, genuine and kindest people I have had the good fortune to know and learn from. This is something I have had for many years and it’s always a reminder how simple things can be if we just keep them that way. Thank you for making us all...

Michelle Korb

NYC Store Opening 2019

Mr. Bruce, your smile lit up a room. Thank you for the kindness and inspirational you shared with all of those around you.

Debbie Dimich

Recognition of a Three Decade Career

My wife Cici and I are forever grateful to the Nordstrom Family for a chance to grow with the Company from 5 stores in 1969 to more than 100 when we completed our 31 year career in 2000.

Darrel & Cici Hume

Bruce loved dogs

Years ago, my partner was building a deck at Julie and Erik’s beach house. My big mutt Hank decided to take off down the beach and ran straight to Bruce and Jeannie’s place. By the time I caught up with him, he was practically in Bruce’s lap being told what a great dog he was....

Terri Naughton

Inspired me to be a “lifer!”

I grew up watching my mother work for Nordstrom, a company that she loved and respected. When I joined Nordstrom six and a half years ago, I felt like I was following in her footsteps. I remember reading Mr. Bruce’s book “Leave It Better Than You Found It” during the first days of my commute...

Crystal Eve

Lasting Impressions

When I was 19, I started my career opening the Santa Barbara location in Kids Shoes. During the new store opening we were blessed to have Mr. Bruce and Blake there for kick off meetings. I was so in awe of what a kind and caring man Mr. Bruce was. Over the years I would...

Neely Suter-Leupold

New Hire with Mr. Bruce

During my time as Store Manager of Store 1, I had the honor of hosting New Hire Experience with Mr. Bruce, Hearing him share our culture and history was incredibly moving every time. He would close it out with extending himself and encouraging our new employees to work hard, smile and be kind to others....

Adrienne Hixon

A Rarity and Legacy

I wish I had had the opportunity to meet him. I am thankful he wrote “Leave It Better Than You Found It.” He is a rarity and a true legacy.

Susie R

“What would Mr Bruce do?”

As a 40 year Nordy, Mr Bruce to me has always been the face of Nordstrom. As a newer Nordy, I clearly remember his exciting visits to our store, full of energy, a warm smile with an intense mission to influence our group to service the customer! He would say things like “It’s my money...

Stephany Pierce

Kind & Inspiring

Sharing words of encouragement with NYC Leadership Group, June 2019

Nicollette C.

Thank you Mr. Bruce!

I was so excited to meet Mr. Bruce this day!!! The most genuine and kind person.

Cristina Orea

My biggest Fan❤️

So grateful to have known Mr. Bruce for 25 years ❤️ It has been my privilege to take care of the Nordstrom family every Monday in the Grill since we opened!! He would always look to make sure I was there ..such a character, so full of warmth and love and genuine concern for his...

Cindi Edwards

Bruce Nordstrom: My Rabbi

I was privileged and honored to have worked with Bruce for several years while we both attended the University of Washington. We worked together on the second floor of the Nordstrom Flagship Store in downtown Seattle. We sold women’s casuals, tall and small, and even Selby arch preservers. Sometimes we were in the children’s shoe...

Lawrence A. Forman

He’s a hugger!

Talking with Mr. Bruce at our NYC store on opening day was the highlight of my trip! While wandering around the store in total awe, I saw him wandering too. I stopped to chat with him about how incredible the store looked and told him how excited I was to be a part of opening...

Terie Doane

Mr. Bruce came to my rescue!

I have worked at Nordstrom for over thirty years and Mr. Bruce had such warm smile and always open to your ideas. But how he saved my day was I had a side job as a rock mason and I was doing a big job on a remodel. Well the owners had shut the water...

Mary Nivison

New York Grand Opening

When I met Mr Bruce at the grand opening of the New York Store he was very humble and kindhearted. He was so welcoming and made me feel like I had known him for years. He will be greatly missed.

Fatma Mohamed 774

Elevator Hello’s

Over the 8 years I had worked at Nordstrom, my interactions with Bruce were always on the escalator as he and his family would venture down through the store to the Grill for lunch. At first, I wouldn’t know what to say or do when he would smile and say hello. I was star struck....

Mr. Bruce,

Mr. Nordstrom made it possible for so many people to have a career at Nordstrom. Not only was he a Trail Blazer and a Shoe Dog, but he also made it possible for people like me to have a career. I am grateful and honored to have met Mr. Bruce and his sons. There is...

Jocelyn Dance

I’ve never met you personally. Yet, I’m glad to have met your spirit. Forever grateful and may it live forever within your company.

Family and Kindness

Mr. Bruce once gave me the disappointed dad look that I suspect many employees and famiy members alike have experienced… full of love and compassion and concern. The look (and the brief words of wisdom imparted upon some invisible signal that I would be open to hear them) have had a lasting impact, not only...

Jennifer (Peck) Michaud

The company you built is like no other

I had the fortune of working for Nordstrom on two separate occasions, and it’s the best place I’ve ever worked. Because of my experience I have since only worked for founder-led companies. Although Mr. Bruce had retired he would still often show up to the corporate office where he had his corner room, and where...

Dimple Khurana

Such a kind Man he will be missed

I will never forget the first day I met him and he knew who I was blew my mind and he said we are lucky to have you and I said NO I am lucky to work for you Sir and you know my name I am the lucky one we laughed and he went...

An Iconic Moment in Time

Denise Junell, VP DMM Handbags, Jewelry & Watches and Sahar Sokhandan, Director of Merchandising Women’s Contemporary Apparel & Premium Denim at the New York Store Opening October 24, 2019.

“Leave It Better Than You Found It”

I remember sitting at a table in the Employee Lounge with my New Hire Silver Folder, it was the shiny silver just like the boxes under the Christmas tree everyone wanted to see on Christmas morning. On top of the folder was a book “Leave It Better Than You Found It” by Bruce Nordstrom. When...

Mr. Bruce inside and outside the store

My grandparents lived on Mercer Island in the ’80s. My grandmother would often take the bus into the city where she worked in a law office. One day when it was pouring down rain (as it often does in Seattle), she was waiting at the bus stop when Mr. Bruce drove up and pulled over...

Mazie Boyle

Marc Metrick – Saks CEO

On behalf of the Saks team, we share our deepest sympathies and condolences for Pete, Erik and the entire Nordstrom family.


Mr. Bruce was an inspiration to me, and many of us. I always felt such pride in working for Nordstrom after leaving a meeting where Mr. Bruce was a speaker; he always had my full attention – I know I didn’t want the meeting to end as I was hooked! Mr. Bruce was also very...

Thomas Pierce

Mr Bruce Nordstrom rest and peace!

Dear Nordstrom Family, I am deeply sorry for your loss. Mr Bruce Nordstrom was a remarkable man who touched many lives, and his memory will live on in our hearts. Please know that you are in my thoughts and prayers during this difficult time. May you find comfort in the beautiful memories you shared and...

Kim Phan


I first met Mr. Bruce at store 320 in the late 90’s. Being new to Nordstrom, it was inspiring to see someone at the bottom of the pyramid who was so down to earth, humble, and interested in the people. Fast forward to today, and our culture and values are thriving because of the example...

Kenneth Ma


I had the honor of meeting Mr. Bruce in 2018 at the 40th anniversary celebration of the opening of South Coast Plaza. We spoke about many things, but what I remember most about our conversation is how relatable and kind Mr. Bruce was. He was so pleasant and easy to talk to. After we took...

Jenn Teel

Holiday Visit

I started my career at Nordstrom in the early 1980’s in the Sales Audit department in Seattle. At that time the height of technology was AM/FM radios with a band for listening to TV. Most of the Auditors had one and listened to their soap operas using ear buds while working. At Christmas time Mr....