In 2012 Mr. Bruce called me into his office. I thought I was in trouble. I sat down in front of his desk, and he said he had heard I was pregnant again (which would make 6 kids in total). He congratulated me and then asked me if I needed “the talk”. I couldn’t help but to giggle. I explained that I knew about the birds and the bees. He then suggested I get a TV for my bedroom. We both had a great laugh which led into the most heartfelt conversation about family and raising children, the real reason he wanted to talk. He was such a great role model as a parent and loved his family beyond words.
Walking the stockroom with Mr. Bruce was both educational and terrifying. I never wanted to disappoint the customer in his eyes. He loved to teach. Let’s just say, it was a good day when you passed the overs and unders test.
He will be missed in so many ways.