My three favorite memories:

I started with the company in 1998, at store 1 and later that year became an assistant manager two weeks before Christmas. I was disappointed to learn I would be working Christmas Eve and have to miss a family gathering happening that day. In my head, I was bemoaning being the new assistant, working the holiday, and having to pay my dues. Halfway through the day, I looked over towards the escalator on the 4th floor and saw Mr. Bruce standing at the top of the escalator smiling, shaking people’s hands and thanking them for shopping today, telling each one to have a Merry Christmas. And then I fully understood why we do what we do every, single day and had the ultimate lesson in servant leadership.

In 2008, we opened the Ala Moana store. In all the craziness of the morning, Mr. Bruce caught my eye and said, “Young lady, I think we could sell something off that empty shelf over there, don’t you?” I followed his gaze across the store to an empty shelf in the exact opposite corner from where we were standing. Sure enough, there was an empty shelf, nearly 300 ft away. Retail is detail!

Two summers ago, I was taking the store 1 interns around for a tour. We walked the 6th floor and bumped into some tall people who truly impressed the group. We ended on the metro level. Mr. Bruce was heading to lunch in the Grill, stopped and smiled, knowing there was a tour at hand. I introduced him to the speechless crowd and he graciously asked where each went to school and imparted his wisdom. After he walked away, I told the group there are magical moments that happen at store 1 and you just had one of the very best. Don’t ever forget this day!

Thank you for many magical moments Mr. Bruce. I won’t forget any of those days.